Independent and dependent variables

  1. Explain how the studies’ authors operationally defined (measured) the independent variable (manipulated) and the dependent variable (outcome). – Specifically include a brief summary of measures/instruments/techniques used.
  2. How would YOU measure the independent and dependent variables? – Offer one original operational definition for the independent and dependent variables. (Feel free to be creative, yet reasonable.)
  3. Based on the description of the study participants, describe* the target population (to whom should the results of this study apply/generalize). Indicate additional information you believe is unclear/limited/missing* from the sample

*Describe: Ex: Age; Gender; Ethnicity; Religion; Sexual Orientation; Marital Status; Family Status; Education Level; Income; Occupation; Geographic Region

*Missing: What might be some relevant information (for this particular study) that you would want to know about the study participants?

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