Inception and Memento Essay

Movie Editing: Inception and Memento Essay

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A film can have the greatest actors, the biggest budget and the most talented director ever, but, if the editor isn’t up to par, the film will crash and burn. Editing
is the single most influential person on the final cut of a film. This is part of the reason why there were so many cuts of one of the film, Blade Runner. The studio
felt that the audience wanted to see one film and the director wanted a completely different one. Editors can turn a fight scene into a delicate dance or a horrible
cloud of quick cuts. Respond to the questions below regarding the editing of this two films: Inception and Memento.

What challenges are apparent for the editor of Inception? What obstacles do you think they had to overcome and how do you think they fared? Ex. Talk about different
timelines/dream-lines and maintaining the audience’s focus on where they were and how fast time was moving.
Memento is a very different film that hasn’t been matched in its inventive editing. What part did Leonard’s Jaguar play? What did the editing of the film help the
director achieve?
Write a Haiku for each one of the films that explains the Main character’s (Cobb and Leonard) journey through each film.


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