IMS 6360-501 International Strategic Management

IMS 6360-501 International Strategic Management
(7:00-9:45 pm Monday, Spring 2016)
MNC Report (about 2,500 words)

Choose an MNC of any nationality and analyze its operations in one or a few foreign countries. The focus should be on the challenges the company has faced and its way of addressing these challenges. Collect information from books, company reports, newspapers, business magazines and websites. Subject to information availability, your discussion may include, but is not limited to, the challenges related to the following functional areas:
• Product or service
• Human resource management
• Marketing and advertising
• Supply chain management
• Organization structure
• Production process

Try to incorporate in your report the concepts learned in this course. List all references at the end of the report. There is no specific style that you need to follow when listing the references. Plagiarism will be severely penalized.

Students will present the core ideas in their reports on April 4, 18 and 25. The report should be printed in black and white, one and a half line spacing, and font 12 letter size, with pages stapled together. No blinder is required. The deadline for submitting the report is May 2. If students are unable to submit a hard copy of the report, electronic submission is acceptable. Five points (out of 100) will be deducted for each day of delay, and no submission will be entertained after May 6. Late submissions must be through email so that the exact days of delay can be clearly determined.

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