Improving Flood Resilience of the UAE Buildings



Improving Flood Resilience of the UAE Buildings


cover all required notes and comments as shown in attached files, and make all
necessary changes to improve the quality of literature review chapter as PhD quality.
The main required notes are:

1-ldentify the severity of flood and how to assess sevearity or riski ness of flood?
2-How would do you classify the sevearity of flood? And what methods were adapting
in various countries?

3- what measures need to be taken based on sevearity level?

4- How to assess the resilience of buildings against flood?

5- what are measures need to be taken to improve flood resilience of buildings?

Also, please follow these necessary points:

1- Add more data including: tables, graphs and figures to support the research field-
2-Double check all references because some of them are wrong and make sure they
are in harvard style.

3-Avoid any repetition.

4-At the end of literature review chapter, please write a section about “chapter
summary and research gaps’.

5-Your writing should be based on what was written in literature review chapter.
6-Add any needed improvements to bring a higher quality for the research.

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