Implementing change

Implementing change

Part 1

Create a design for implementing an organizational change related to moving to a pay for performance reward system and:

1. Identify the strategic objective of the plan.
2. Identify what people should be involved in the implementation.
3. Design the organizational communication around the plan.
4. How might the organization overcome resistance to the plan?
5. Discuss the HR professional?s role with implementing the plan.

Part 2

Read the Case at the end of the chapter ?Changes at DuPont? Please discuss the following:

1. How the approaches to change of OD, Appreciative inquiry, and sense making are embedded in the DuPont story.
2. As a change manager, to what extent could you utilize insights from each approach?
3. Imagine that you are the OD practitioner brought into DuPont at the time of the Orlon manufacturing operation closure. Describe the steps you take to help manage this change based on action research

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