Impact of the Law on t Nursing

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Professional Development Exercises :

Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 11 (Guido, p. 222)
Did the facility have sufficient evidence to suspend the nurse?
How should the testimony of the other nurses in the unit affect the outcome of this case?
What additional questions should the institution address before the court rules in this case?
How would you have ruled in this case?
Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 12 (Guido, p. 238)
Did the ANP have a duty to consult with the child’s physician or another emergency center physician regarding the possibility of child abuse before she reported her findings to the case worker?
What questions would you anticipate might be asked regarding the injury itself and the possibility that the child had caused her own injury?
Did the ANP have a duty to report the injury, even though the diagnosis was not absolutely conclusive at the point that the child was initially examined?
How would you determine liability in this case, assuming that the trial court found liability against any of the three defendants?
Read the case study presented at the end of Chapter 16 (Guido, p. 329)
Did the nurse manager have a responsibility to supervise the care of the patient?
Was the care of this patient appropriately assigned to the LPN by the charge nurse, or could the charge nurse have delegated this patient’s care more appropriately?
If the charge nurse assigned the care of the patient to the LPN, did she retain any supervisory responsibility that would result in her liability in this case?
How do the principles associated with delegation and supervision figure into this case?
How would you decide this case?
Guido, G. W. (2014). Legal and ethical issues in nursing (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River,
NJ: Prentice Hall.
Pozgar, G. D. (2013). Legal and ethical issues for health professionals (3rd ed.). Boston: Jones
and Bartlett.

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