Impact of Social Media Marketing on the Business

The structure of this thesis must be as followed:
Abstract: No more than 300
Chapter 1: Introduction (approximately 275)
Chapter 2: Literature Review (approximately 6050)
In the literature review chapter, the writer should focus on
1) The business-to-consumer market
2) Contrasting the Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business market
3) Relationship Marketing
4) Social Media marketing in the Business-to-Consumer Market
Important Note: The writer should add more headings based on the literature questions and objectives that He / She created.
Chapter 3: Contextualisation (approximately 4950)
In this chapter, the literature review must impact on the contextualization. Also the writer should provide an example of company such as Starbucks or Insomnia.
Chapter 4: Findings and Discussion followed by the Conclusion (approximately 275)
References: should be mix of:
• Journal articles
• Books: include page number
• Websites: provide the links please
Appendences (i.e. pictures, figures and tables)

Requirements of this assignment:
The writer must come up with some research questions and objectives related to the thesis title. Also, the writer should provide answers to these questions throughout this thesis.
Font: 12 Times New Roman
Line Spacing: 1.5
Word count: approximately 12,000 (excluding table of contents, abstract, list of tables or figures, appendences or list of references).
Important Notice: The writer must send me the first half of this thesis which equates to 6000 words on the 1st of February 2017 (Wednesday).

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