Impact of Ethnicity in shaping life

Discuss the relative impact of ethnicity in shaping life chances in society Explore your findings with reference to the work of health promotion/public health. (Specifically black and other minority ethnic i.e BME group in the UK)

1 introduction to ethnicity and race, health inequalities and equity
2 statistics / population of BME in the UK (2011 census)
3 How ethnicity affects health i.e Factors that influence health inequalities in the BME
a) High rate of poverty
b) Low income from employment among migrant workers
c) Language barrier / lack of information
d) Attitude to care
4 Reports on the impact of ethnicity on health inequalities
a) Black report 1980
b) Acheson report 1998
c) Marmot report 2010
5 Policies to tackle inequalities in health among BME in UK
6 Government white papers to tackle inequalities in health
7 Recommendations in relation to the Public health outcomes framework

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