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Econ 462, Fall 2014  Homework 5: Immigration.

Immigration and immigration reform has become among the most important issues one of the major policy debates of our time. Immigration has many national implications. It affects the national economy as well as the national social and cultural structure. It has potentially great benefits for the nation, but also has real costs. However, immigration is also important at the local level. It affects local taxes, local use of resources for education and other programs, and has potentially important implications for local labor markets and local businesses— some good and some bad. Many consider immigration to be primarily an urban issue. Partly this is because most of our population lives in urban/metro areas. Partly this is also because metro areas, especially large metro areas have been the destination of almost all immigrants to the United States.
Your assignment is to learn about immigrants/foreign born population for your assigned metropolitan area Using the Internet, find out what you can about immigration and how it has impacted your metro area Your discussion should include  the fol I ow:
1. Some data on the immigrant population for your metro area You might get this by simply Googl i ng your metro area with the word “immigrants,” or something similar. However, you should also be able to get this information from info or reports. It would be very interesting to get some historical data (perhaps summarized by info on foreign-born population as of some year, such as 2010, but also data on recent immigration.
2. Some local discussion from local people, local newspapers, local pol i cymakers or others that specifically addresses immigration/foreign-born population and its impact (good or bad). Basically, some local perspective.
3. Anything that you can find that provides information on the importance of immigrants or effects of immigrants on the local economy, labor market, local governments, etc.


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