Imagery Of The Environment.

  1. Describe and outline how humans’ view of nature has changed through our history beginning with the prehistoric era to the present. Consider the change in lifeways, attitude toward nature, and the major events that influenced these changes, i.e.. the beginning of agriculture.
  2. List the early voices of the environmental movement that we discussed in Unit 9. Which do you feel was the most influential and why?
  3. List the effects of climate change on the environment? Why is it such a complex problem to solve?
  4. List the goals of the Indigenous Delegation that attended the Paris Climate Accord. What was the outcome and what was their response?
  5. Throughout the Unit 9 lecture, there were links to different nonprofits, videos of climate leaders, and artists’ websites. Choose one to focus on and describe the subject, what is their message? what is their medium if they are artists etc. How did this subject impact you? Why did you choose it?
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