Image Analysis

After reading this module’s lectures and reading materials, create a new site in Dreamweaver. Gather ten images related to a hobby, or a subject that interests you. The images can be of your own creation, or non-copyrighted source. As always, be sure their properties (color mode, resolution, etc.) are web-appropriate.

Using Lightbox, create two image galleries on the same page. The page should meet the following parameters:

Each gallery has five images each.
Thumbnails for each image shall have the dimensions of 100px by 100px.
Each Image is no larger than 800px wide by 500px high.
Galleries do not include each other’s images when using the arrows.
Additionally, add styling to the page to make it visually appealing. You’re designers, so a portion of your grade will be dependent upon the design of the page. While you may be concentrating on developing the page functionality, don’t overlook the importance of the visual layout of the page. Consider color, fonts, contrast, hierarchy, and other design elements.

After ensuring that the page is functioning correctly, submit your zipped site file to the drop box.

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