IFSM 300 Week 3 Conference Paper

IFSM 300 Week 3 Conference Paper

You have built your IT Infrastructure for various purposes, and based on new technology coming available, it is constantly changing. You built it to address your critical and non-critical functions and to support many of your processes. I want you to identify the Five aspects of your IT Infrastructure and the critical and non-critical functions and processes that it supports.
For your most critical uses, tell us what the greatest risks are to your Infrastructure and therefore achieving your objectives, how long you could go without needing to use them and describe the potential disaster situations that you face and your disaster recovery plans that will permit you to accomplish your critical uses?

How are you ensuring the security of your data and infrastructure? To help you identify the risks and actions that you should take, think about the Video on Katrina and how you would have been affected. Also point out the problems of synchronization of the different parts that you experience and the costs involved. (Synchronization is making different pieces of the Infrastructure work together, like installing a new wireless scanner.

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