Identifying Periodicity

Identifying Periodicity

Read the following text and identify periodicity at whole text and paragraph
levels. Underline macro-Theme, macro-New, hyper-Theme, and hyper-New.

Effects of Nominalization on Language

Nominalization is the process of changing a verb, adjective, adverb or conjunction into noun
form and this process will lead to changes on language. English words can be nominalized
through two methods. The first one is adding deviational morphemes, mostly affixes, into
the word and the second one is using a verb as a noun. Nominalization is essential since it
affects the tone and style in the language. It has four main effects on language: compacting
information, organizing context in more logical way, making the style of writing more formal
and removing people in the text. In this explanation, changes made by nominalization will be
demonstrated by two sample texts. They have same meaning in context. Text A is in spoken
form, and will be called Oral Sample and Text B is in written form and called Written Sample.
First of all, text can be compacted using nominalization. With nominalization, fewer words
can be used to express a certain meaning. For instance, the second part of the second
sentence in the Oral Sample has three clauses with twenty-five words: ”…you can record
books for blind people, and you can build libraries of sounds. We used to write letters to
people who livedfar away.”. However, in the Written Sample, nominalization changed these
three clauses into just eleven words, ”…talking books for the blind, mp3 players, libraries of
recorded sounds…”. These eleven words carry exactly the same meaning of those three
clauses in Oral Sample text and they are either nouns or noun phrases.
Nominalization can also result in a logical organization of context. Since verbs, adjectives
and conjunctions are converted into nouns, the nominalized words can easily be the focus of
the topic sentences. In Written Sample, nominalized texts can be found in topic sentences of
each paragraph: ”The relative permanence of written language…” , ”The immediacy of


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