Identifying Fallacies

A good site to check out is Logically Fallacious: (Links to an external site.)
Once you learn the names of the major logical fallacies, you will probably start noticing them all over the place,
including in advertisements, movies, TV shows, and everyday conversations. This can be both fascinating and
frustrating, but it can certainly help you to avoid certain pitfalls in reasoning that are unfortunately very
Reflect: Search through common media sources looking for examples of fallacies. Some common places to
find fallacies include advertisements, opinion pieces in news media, and arguments about politics, religion, and
other controversial issues. You may also notice fallacies in your daily life.
Write: Present three distinct informal logical fallacies you have discovered in these types of sources or in your
life. Make sure to identify the specific fallacy committed by each example. Explain how the fallacies were used
and the context in which they occurred. Then, explain how the person should have presented the argument to
have avoided committing this logical error.
Try to look for examples outside of politics, because using political examples is far too easy to do. Be creative
in looking for your fallacy examples.

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