In the following video you need to watch the 45 minute video. The video from 2003 is an interview with serial killer and mob hit man Richard Kuklinski and psychiatrist Park Dietz. When you watch the video do more than listed to the answers. Watch Kuklinski’s reactions (or lack of) to the questions. You should also close examine the words he uses and his emotions (or lack of). I have seen this video close to 100 times and have never not been fascinated by it. I also see something different each time. You will need to compare this video to what you read in Chapter Seven and Chapter Two. (PowerPoints are in files) You need to reference the textbook only at least four times. You only need to mention the video by name.

Title: The Iceman Tapes Dr Park Dietz evaluates and interviews Richard The Iceman Kuklinski

Discuss and critically evaluate the relationship between what you see in the “Iceman” with sections of the text. Your paper should draw a relationship between what you see in the video with what you have read in the text. You must explain what you’re quoting instead of merely citing text. In other words you must ground the text in some aspect of the video. You may use any part of the text. You may also use information as provided in the video or make your own assumptions based on demeanor, lack of affect etc.
Specifically address the following:

According Hare’s typology which of the three types of psychopaths would you consider Kuklinski? Substantiate your claim based on your behavioral observations.
What actions did Kuklinski do in his crimes to lead one to believe he is a psychopath? What Behavioral Descriptions from the text did he exhibit during the interview? The book also discovers other traits of psychopaths explain the ones you saw in the interview.
What were the possible early signs of psychopathic behavior in Kuklinski (See Chapter Two- Conduct Disorders too)?
At one point the psychiatrist gets Kuklinski mad at him. What does that tell you about one possible causation of psychopathy?

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