HYPE & HARM: On Advertising, Public Relations & Promotional Culture

HYPE & HARM: On Advertising, Public Relations & Promotional Culture
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Please write out a 2 page (single spaced APA style) research paper. I will provide an outline of the paper. You have to write the paper based on my outline. Further instructions are written in the outline.

Documents that I will upload:
-5 scholarly articles (pdfs) contact me if you need more.
-An example of a strong research paper that the instructor gave full credit.

HYPE & HARM: On Advertising, Public Relations & Promotional Culture
By doing a series of far-ranging searches on the web, further explore the issues raised in class lecture about the moral and ethical ramifications of living in a ubiquitously “sponsored culture” and the issues raised about advertising and the persuasion industries in the documentaries “The Ad and the Ego” and “The Persuaders.” Follow this up with far-ranging searches of articles in scholarly journals (using indexes in communication and media, business, the social sciences, and ethics) in making a case for what you see as the most problematic moral and ethical issues in both the tactics and practices of the persuasion industries and content of their messages? Anchor your assessments in major theories of ethical reasoning. Assess and explain your assessment of whether advertising is inherently “unethical” and whether “ethical” advertising might be possible? Consider the effectiveness of and issues raised in self-regulation guidelines such as (1) the American Association of Advertising Agencies “Standards of Practice” and (2) the American Advertising Federation’s Institute for Advertising Ethics “Principles and Practices for Advertising Ethics” and (3) the Federal Trade Commission’s “Truth in Advertising” media resources. What might realistically be done to improve ethics in advertising?

*I have broken the prompt into 6 bullet points. Follow the outline**

Please work on the following:
-Grammar Usage
-Organizing the sections to make it research paper oriented. (Provide Headings and Sub-headings)
-Improve word choice and writing style
-In text citations (APA)
-Flow of my reasoning and concepts (provide suggestions when you can)

Below are the grading criteria from the instructor:
The following criteria will be followed in grading papers:
Strong papers will demonstrate superior: (l) precision in addressing the assignment, (2) writing style & usage, (3) organization, (4) understanding and application of theories of ethical reasoning, (5) research and application of primary scholarly sources and sound journalism, (6) citation of reference sources, and (7) use of the APA reference style.

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