Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking


For this paper is expected that the DNP students identify, analyze, and

propose innovative solutions to 3 determine Global Health Issue in a developing
country- The students (2) should answer the following question: You were hired as a
DNP by a governmental organization in a developing country to create a program that
will contribute to decrease a Global Health issue in that country. Select one of the
Global Health Issue that were presented in class during the presentation group

1. In the paper you should include:

a) Introduction: background about the issue selected and the specific country, provide
references that support the information provided.

b) Objectives of the program (no more than 2)

0) Describe your project plan, including any new technologies or tools to be developed.
d) Explain why your idea is unconventional or creative approach to the proposed
Global Health Issue

e) Target population that will be included in the program

n Timeline to implement the program

9) Approximately cost of the program

h) Outcome of the program short and long term

2. Page Iim’rt maximum 12 pages, double spaced, font Time New Roman 12- Papers
that have more than 12 pages will be reviewed until the page 12- References, tables,
pictures, or graphics should be included as appendices-

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