Human Service Project Management ( Social science core subject) ( Human service worker)

Human Service Project Management ( Social science core subject) ( Human service worker)

Assessment #1 – Project rationale

Provide a 1000 -1100 word rationale for your project which summarises its aims and purposes; locate it in a broader social (or policy) context and explains why your project is significant and should be supported and/or funded. Details about what to include in this Assignment 1 – Project Rationale are available in the Assessment Guidelines and Criteria document on the course Learn-online site.

1. Write it in easier language and don’t use any difficult word.
2. The page number of in-text referencing must be quoted and match with the end-text referencing.
3. Plz must read all the uploaded file. Otherwise u will easily leave the topic idea and would fail for the course.
4. This is Human service assignment and use the idea from the attached powerpoint and course outline.
5. I have already posted the example assignment 1 that u can follow that structure.
6. you have to use the referencing from required topic or e-reading as source or referencing and at least u must use at least 4-5 that shows very strong connection of the course to the tutor.

Course Aim
To develop students’ advanced skills and knowledge of project management in human service contexts.
Course Objectives
On completion of this course, students should be able to:
CO1. Analyse changing human service organisational structures and associated accountability structures
CO2. Examine the developing role of contracts in the provision of human services and critically analyse the roles of contract manager and service manager
CO3. Critique the human resource management issues for human service project managers
CO4. Critically analyse help seeking behaviours related to human services and access and equity issues for diverse communities
CO5. Examine the key issues in the financial management of human service projects for effective service delivery

Course Content
The students will develop advanced knowledge of new public sector management approaches including corporate governance; the tender process; quality assurance; innovation and change within a contractual context; staffing of human service projects; marketing of human services and financial management for project implementation. The students will demonstrate professional competence at designing and managing human service projects.

This course is designed to be participative and interactive, and provides a context to the new operational environments of the human services sector. It emphasises project management ways of organising work. This course is based on adult learning approaches. During the course, students will interact with each other to develop their own understanding of the concepts discussed. Human Services Project Management aims to provide students with knowledge of project management, the human service context for project management and an overview of the skills utilised in project management. Your participation is critical for this course. Learning comes from reflection and discussion with others.

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