Human Rights in the Developing World

Topic: Human Rights in the Developing World

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Instructions: No part of your work, except where clearly quoted and reference(ie: correct use of quotation marks and footnotes etc.), maybe copied from material
belonging to any other person. You should employ a consistent Harvard referencing system throughout your work eg:
Books: author, title, edition, place of publication, publisher and date
Articles: author, title, journal, volume, year and first and last page numbers
Quotations: require the above detail plus appropriate page numbers

2) This piece of coursework will be assessed by reference to the following criteria: (a) Clarity of expression (b) Grammar (c) the ability to critically analyse legal
issues (d) coherence and organisation of the paper

PLEASE NOTE: This coursework MUST be properly referenced in HARVARD STYLE and MUST include a bibliography. Adequacy of referencing will form part of the marking

QUESTION: Explain and demonstrate the dynamism shown by the African Commission on Human and peoples’ Rights with regard to its protective mandate under the Banjul

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