Human rights and the discrimination at work

Human rights and the discrimination at work

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For this assessment item, you are to research and report on the discrimination at work and the human rights in one country of your choice. The country to choose from is:

The issue is NOT to make judgements about human rights or discrimination in one country compared to another (e.g. this is not an exercise of comparing India or China with Australia). You are to seek reports on how (or if) migrants in your country of choice are treated differently to the domestic workers, and answer the following specific questions:

1. What are the ethical issues involved?

2. Are migrants treated differently to domestic workers, and why?

3. Are relevant anti-discrimination laws in your country of choice effective? Why?

4. Based on what you have found, what are negative consequences for countries and companies that discriminate against people because of their age, gender, race/colour, disability, social status, religion, etc?
You are required to answer these questions in the form of a business report, in the following form:
Title page
Executive summary
Table of Contents
Report body, with a maximum of 2,500 words (at least 10 academic references, from 2005 onwards except regulations and laws that you may use the sources before 2005)

Demonstrated understanding of the course material and the ability to apply that material to the assessment question 24 marks
Effective communication: you are able to write a coherent and logical argument in support of your answers 3 marks
Presentation: Your assignment is formatted appropriately, and uses proper spelling, grammar and style 3 marks
Referencing: The University’s Harvard referencing style is used.

Proper referencing (Criterion 4) is expected, and penalties will apply if this assessment criterion is not satisfied. Up to 5 marks may be deducted if you fail to comply with the Harvard referencing system.

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