Human Resource Management – Organisational Communication

I have chosen question number 3 to be answered however if you find question 2 or 1 easier then it is fine if you rather do that. The following question is – 3. Organizational communication is more than a process by which information is exchanged. Critically discuss. Suggested readings Bratton (2015) Chapter 11: Communication. In Bratton, J. Work and Organizational Behaviour. 3rd edition. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Czarniawska-Joerges, B. and Joerges, B. (1988) How to control things with words: Organizational talk and control. Management communication quarterly 2(2): 170-193. Keyton, J. (2011) Chapter 1: Positioning organizational culture. In Keyton, J. Communication and organizational culture: A Key to understanding work experiences. London: Sage. King, D. and Lawley, S. (2016) Chapter 14: information, communication, and technology. Organizational Behaviour. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kurtland, N.B., and Pelled, L.H. (2000) Passing the word: Toward a model of gossip and power in the workplace. Academy of Management Review 25(2): 428-38.

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