Human Resource Development & Performance

Human Resource Development & Performance

Critically review a principle or set of principles from Seminar 1 in relation to your own work experience. Your application must clearly be situation-specific.

Topics to cover:

1b Principles of organisational learning (different types of knowledge and intellectual capital, formal and informal workplace learning)

1b Communities of practice

1b The Learning Organisation concept and its disciplines


Use examples, background (case) descriptions from your organisational experience to explore the critical application of the Seminar 1 principle(s) to your organisational context. Provide logical and critical review of the principle(s) and the organisational context. Start with a clear premise related to the topic(s) and/or organisational experience and build a critical, evidence-based and logical argument that conclude with recommendations about the responsible and justified application of the selected principle(s) appropriate to a specific organisational context.

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