Human resource and talent management

Case StudyYou have recently started work as Resourcing and Talent Manager in a large UK based company called Baros, which operates retail outlets selling jewellery, watches and accessories in 50 locations in UK shopping malls and airports.
Baros is committed to a range of contemporary HR practices. Recruitment and selection procedures for sales staff involve attendance at:
1. a one-day assessment centre,
2. online personality test, and
3. two references.
A wide range of flexible working arrangements are available as is a management development programme which allows staff to develop management skills on-the-job and at off-site training days. The majority of management staff have been internally promoted; many having started as part-time sales assistants while at school or university. Pay is relatively high for the industry, while a very popular staff discount scheme is also operated. The company prides itself on its range of cutting-edge’ practices in the area of diversity.
Thanks to strong branding and effective management, the company has enjoyed considerable commercial success in recent years despite tough trading conditions. Nonetheless it has, for the time being, decided to suspend its UK expansion programme. Instead it has decided to start opening some new stores overseas. Plans for the coming year envisage the opening of a number of new outlets located either at airports or in large shopping malls in the following cities:
• Warsaw
• Moscow
• Shanghai
• Mumbai
• Dubai
However, before proceeding with the opening of any of these new outlets, the senior management team would like to assess the local availability of suitably qualified staff. The company aims to staff these stores by employing local nationals with experience of jewellery retailing in their respective countries. However, it also accepts that for the first three or four years, in order to ensure the establishment of its existing high standards, the company will need to send existing managers from its UK stores to run the new outlets on an expatriate basis.
To date very little detailed preparation has been carried out into the HR implications of these plans. Senior management efforts have instead been focused on planning financial, commercial and logistical elements.
As part of the talent management strategy of the company you are required to prepare a report (2700 words) for the senior management team, ensuring reference to appropriate research and debate, that addresses the following:

1. Critically analyse the current employment markets of any TWO of the above cities and make recommendations as to their suitability for expansion of Boras. (40%)
2. Identify and justify an appropriate resourcing strategy that Boras can adopt when selecting the UK managers to undertake an international assignment. (60%)

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