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The expanding desire of people for material wealth has stimulated their demand for fashion apparel. They are buying more
than what they really need and abandon them when they are still in good shape. Nowadays abandoning apparel not because
they were worn out, but simply because they become obsolete as “fashion taste changes”,(Fletcher, 2012; Joy et al., 2012)
catching up the latest trend and luxury brand becomes the key. For this reason, eco-fashion was proposed as a potentially
effective solution for the sustainability issues caused by the fashion apparel industry. Eco-fashion is defined as a type of clothing
taking into consideration the environmental impacts of fashion products (Chan & Wong, 2012). It is often characterized by
biodegradable or recycled materials, and environmentally responsible way of production.

Do a research that aims to study the potential and limitation of this approach in solving the sustainability issue of this approach and propose solutions for the limitations of this approach, and explore the current literature and the best practice such as Stella McCartney of those sustainable
fashion apparel makers to address the above issues.

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Sustainability Challenges of the Fashion Apparel Industry
fast fashion
Ruoyu (Yumi) Wang

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