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Research indicates that self-talk (i.e. the conversation in your mind) has a profound impact on the way we feel and act. If you have distorted thoughts, your feelings may be inaccurate. What are the harsh things you say to yourself? What are ways in which you judge &/or blame others? What positive and supportive language could you say to yourself to help you move toward the outcomes and experiences you want in your life? What do you need to do to improve the quality of your self-talk?

Q2 -Read the attached articles (please read all 3) and watch the Ted Talk

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By 11:59pm the night before our next class, please craft 3 discussion questions related to this week’s reading assignment. If you were going to discuss this topic/article with a peer (another college student), what questions might you ask him or her to get the conversation going? You can focus on the aspects of the topic/article that you find most interesting or relevant to your own experiences. DQs are graded for quality, not just completion. Be sure to put time and thought into the questions you craft – with the intent of the assignment in mind (creating effective conversation starters)!

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