Answer the following questions. The answers must be in complete sentences, and the question should be rephrased in the answer. In other words, the question should be clear in the answer. Also, please typed and double space this document, using 12-point type. Be sure and proofread your answers for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

***The text of the speech can be found here:

•    What are some of the types of introductions the speaker uses? Select two from this list and explain how she uses them: Identifying with the Audience, Identifying with the Occasion, Stating the Purpose, Stating the Important of the Topic, Startling Statistic, Narration, Analogy, Rhetorical Question, Quotation, Humor.?
•    Can you find a sentence in the speech that could be considered the thesis? (Note that the thesis is usually one sentence stated early in the speech that incorporates the speech’s main idea; the thesis may have three points, but not always.)?
•    Where do we find ethos, logos and pathos in the speech? Give at least one example for each of these three rhetorical elements. (If you are unsure what these three terms mean, please see our Blackboard site, Weekly Downloads, Week 2, Rhetorical Triangle and Context.)?
•    Why would someone who began the Green Belt Movement in Kenya receive the Nobel Peace Prize?  What does a sustainable environment have to do with peace??
•    In the speech, Maathai appeals for the freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi. Who is Suu Kyi? Did she ever receive her freedom? What is Suu Kyi doing today??
•    What are some of the types of conclusions the speaker uses? Select two from this list and explain how she uses them: Summarizing, Narration, Quotation, Rhetorical Question, Personal Reference, Warning, Remedy, The Challenge, ?Call to Action, The Inspiration, Utopian Vision.?
•    Maathai uses both concrete and abstract words in her speech (see page 571 of the LA textbook for the definitions of “concrete” and “abstract”—or check an online dictionary). What are some of the concrete words Maathai uses? What are some of the abstract words she uses? Does Maathai use these words well in her speech? Does she have a good balance between concrete and abstract words? Explain your answer.?
•    List two of the metaphors that Maathai uses in the speech (see page 573 of the LA textbook for the definition of “metaphor,” located under “Figures of Speech,” —or check an online dictionary). What does using metaphors add to a speech?

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