Research Report Proposal Assignment;

A proposal is part of any formal research report process. It must follow a number of specific rules in order for it to be successful. Your goal with a proposal is to have it approved. Therefore, it needs to be specific, definitive, clear, and confident.
Your proposal will need to incorporate a number of necessary sections and formatting rules.
1. It should be written in memo format.
2. Its introductory paragraph should provide your name and project focus, include the purpose behind the document (to have the proposal approved), and provide a brief overview of the rest of the document.
3. A background paragraph(s) should offer a precise, brief narrative of the topic. This paragraph(s) should also include a statement by you that states clearly the importance or impact of this topic. Why should we care that you are taking it on as the focus of your research report?
4. The next paragraph contains a clear statement on the specific problem or issue related to your broader topic that you are focussing on. This paragraph also needs to contain a clear purpose statement in which you provide a precise description of your approach to the problem: you discuss the what, the how, the why, and the scope of your project (see the related documents from week 3 for details).
5. The final paragraph provides some details about your methodology: that is, how will you complete what you set out to complete. Can you list some helpful resources that you are using at this point? Where are you getting your information? What might the final outline of the project look like? Can you offer a rough schedule of work that needs to be completed?
6. The final section includes your bibliography. Follow IEEE format, and be sure to cite these sources appropriately in your proposal.
Length: at least a page single spaced.


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