Disrupting Wall Street: High Frequency Trading – Harvard Case
Instructions: Questions to be answered by Group of 4 students:
The case focuses on Global Stock Market activities. As an Auditor the students should analyze and evaluate the case. Approach the case as Individual Auditor, As an Auditor of Tadawul Stock Exchange and Company Auditor.

Question 1 ????????(2 marks)
How has IT influenced our concept of wealth? As an Auditor how would you plan your audit?
Question 2 ????????(2 marks)
How does Tadawul Stock Market work when compared with Global Stock Markets?
Question 3 ????????(2 marks)
Discuss the techniques can be applied to audit High Frequency trading.
Question 4 ????????(2 marks)
Discuss the reason that caused Flash Crash 2010 and explain as an Auditor how you will frame audit procedures for such situations.

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