HR General Class work

HR General Class work

there are weeks hws and assignments

Week 3 Web exercise ( I will upload the file as in same name)

Week4 Answer the Review and Discussion Questions 1-11 at the end of Chapter 5 pages 158-159 ( please keep it simple like you dont have to write too much stuff because she knows me pretty well I dont. and not too fancy words please lol.)

Week 5 Thinking Ethically p. 188 Answer to questions 1 and 2

Week6 Assessment paper (dont have to be 2 pages 1 is quite enough, also will upload it.)

Week7 Transcript video: there is a dialog between 2 person written in words. you need to read the chat between them then there is a 2nd file for the questions you need to answer them based on what you read on the 1st file.

2 article analysis from you, we need to find an article that it must be related to HR class HR book, well she said it has to be related to a topic from the book and I asker her like what? she gave me example on outsourcing. thats one right there maybe? So I will upload the rubric for this analysis. So we will pick 1 topic from book or either if you have anything in your mind on internet she asking the article on the internet must be at least posted on 2014 so she want it to be new article. like I am not really sure too but you must did it before like those things I know so maybe you can connect the pieces lol? I am missing 2 of these article analysis please dont forget that and thank you so much its a bunch of stuff right there.


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