HR: Change Management


XYZ organization has been in the metals distribution business for 45 years. They have over 6000

employees throughout the United States and Canada. In the past few years, they have made numerous

acquisitions absorbing not only mid-size companies but also smaller “mom and pop” type shops that

will add bottom line value to their core business. Many changes took place as a result, in

particular, restructurings, process enhancements, layoffs, – all in the hopes of achieving revenue

growth and increased profitability. While seemingly transparent at first, the organization began to

notice over the course of a year, higher turnover (voluntary), more employee terminations, increase

in employee complaints, more accidents on the job, critical objectives not being met. After

recently losing a major customer due to inaccurate processing of material and a missed deadline, a

strategic task force was assembled to review the issues and make some strong measurable

recommendations as to the changes and/or enhancements that needed to take place in order to turn

the Company around.

You are representing the Human Resources Department on this task force focusing on the people-

centered changes. Remember that strategic, structural, process-oriented, and people-centered

changes occur continuously in dynamic businesses. Often, changes in one of these areas impact

changes in the other areas.

Keeping in mind John P. Kotter’s (Harvard Business Review: Leading Change Why Transformation

Efforts Fail) Eight Stage Process to successful change, discuss employee resistance, resiliency,

and your recommendations to moving forward to higher productivity.

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