How the organization plans, organizes, leads and controls its operations

Choose a company and then develop a group-authored paper that describes how the organization plans, organizes, leads and controls its operations. The paper will have four sections, as follows:

• Planning – identify the organization’s mission as well as key elements of its strategic plan. What type of strategy does this organization pursue (low-cost, product differentiation, quality service, innovation, etc.)? What target market markets does this organization seek to serve? How does it compete with rivals? What sort of a planning process does the organization follow?
• Organizing – Provide an organizational chart for this organization. How would you describe its structure (functional, geographic, product-focused, process-based, matrix, etc.)? Would you describe this organization as tall or flat? Is it centralized or decentralized? What role do teams play in the structure?
• Leading – Who is the CEO of this organization? What is the background of this leader? What is this individual’s leadership philosophy? How is this leader rated by employees and other stakeholders, including business experts who rank leaders in publications like Forbes and Harvard Business Review?
• Controlling— How does this organization ensure that it is meeting or exceeding its goals? What technological tools or systems does the organization use to operate efficiently and to track progress toward goal attainment? What is this organization’s reputation for providing high-quality goods and services to customers? If there have been quality problems, how are they being addressed? Other activities that the organization might seek to monitor and control include employee engagement, speed of delivery or service provision, error rates, financial performance, innovativeness and legal/regulatory compliance.

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