How the new website needs to look like

How the new website needs to look like

Paper details:
The Website ( is an oral history website that needs to be replaced.
In this paper, i need you to talk about what features we can add that are missing from the old website. and what could be improved. Also you need to mention what type of CMS we need to use for the new website. The criteria for a good CMS is attached.

refer to the book (Tebeaux, E., & Dragga, S. (2009). The essentials of technical communication. Oxford University Press.) page 233 where the chapter 9 starts.

Qatar HistoriesImprovements – Call for Proposals

Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) needs feedback regarding the website (QH). ENGL 210-504 students will provide thoughtfully conceived and well-presented proposals to re-invent the branding, navigation, functionality and content of QH.

Each student in ENGL 210-504 must present an individual preliminary proposal by 11pm, October 17. All proposals must be received via email by 11 pm, October 17, to be considered.

The final Proof-of-Concept projects will be based  in part or wholly on this proposal, so realistic estimates are also vital. Content Management Systems (CMS) should be cost-effective and sustainable. We are looking for a proposal that can deliver an exciting new website by the end of April 2016.

All proposals must be no longer than 3 pages, single spaced (not including Appendices, if appropriate), and include the following:
•    Proposal Summary
•    Subject and Purpose of Proposal
•    Rationale and Significance
•    Detailed Project Plan:
o    Problem and Scope
o    Methods
o    Task Breakdown and Timeline
o    Possible Problems & Solutions
o    Qualifications
•    Conclusion

Persuasive and professional language throughout is of the utmost importance.

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