How social media effect on chinese fashion industry



How social media effect on chinese fashion industry
About the team process1) Please explain roles and responsibilities of each team member in details.(1st student make video, second collect source, me – sum up wiki)2) Reflect on your teamwork process (such as leadership, communication, time management, conflicts, motivating each team member, etc.). What went well in your
team? What challenges did your team face? How did your team solve the challenges? If you were not able to solve them, what would you do differently in the future if
you faced the same issue again?
About the photostory and wikiDue to word limitation, you might not be able to include some information in the photostory or wiki. Thus, please discuss them in the team contract. 3) explain the type of resources and technology using in your photostory/wiki.(photostory using imovie, wiki using microsoft word)4) provide international business recommendations to the audiences of your story.

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