How Soap works

How Soap works

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How Soap works

what makes the soap special and the soap was made and does the soap work. Procedure: Prepare hot water bath by filing a 1000ml beaker about 60% full with tap water.
Place the beaker on hot plate and the water temp of about 80-85 Obtain 2600ml beakers in on fill water in other add 350-400 ml of saturated NaCl solution. Place both
on ICE to use at a later time. Add 10 grams of sodium hydroxide pellets to a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask. In addition, add 50 ml of water and 50 ml of 95% ethanol to the
Erlenmeyer flask as well. Swirl flask to dissolve place flask under hot water, abd stir mixture constantly for 35 minutes then call teacher to check. At this point add
any color or fragrance (we lemon and vanilla extract) then pour soap into ice cold beaker of salt solution. Let it stand for a few minutes, decant off the excess
liquid and rinse with ice cold water. Rinse up to 3 times. Shape soap into molds. label and let sit under the hood to dry. The color of our soap is white and we used
coconut oil for our soap. Our target markets Women and our soaps name is soapical paradise, texture is smooth, and our slogan is beauty for everybody. Write a research
paper answering these main questions: 1. what makes the soap special and different 2. How are soaps made and how they are different 3.How do soaps work

2:United States Constitution Assignment

Assignment: After reading the Constitution of the United States of America in its entirety, find and cite the Articles or Amendments which address the following

Freedom of speech
The Executive Branch
The Judicial Branch
The Legislative Branch
Right to bear arms
Equal protection for all citizens
Right to trial by jury
Right to vote at age 18
Women’s right to vote
Right to due process (cite 3 separate amendments)
Prohibition of alcohol (cite the amendment which established prohibition, as well as the amendment which ended it)
Banning of slavery
Establishment of the income tax
Procedures of presidential succession
Freedom of the press
Right to counsel
Freedom of religion
Right to peaceably assemble
Delegation of powers to the states and to the people
Presidential term limits
Process for amending the Constitution

3:Research and find a prominent/famous person who has misspoken and experienced backlash as a result.

the person’s name, include an explanation of the circumstance, do you think the response was correct? Provide a link to the articles or broadcast media coverage
resulting from the comments.

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