how should one live?

how should one live?

Project description
The essays are intended to be around 450-600 words long. To do the essays, you will consider the topic for that week (for example, “Is a Just Society Possible?”). You

will answer that topic in any essay which clearly identifies the topic, says what your position will be, and then explains that position. Your answer to the question

must refer to at least one of the selections we have discussed that week. Your answer should include believable reasons, as free as possible from cultural or religious


A “believable” reason is one that someone could believe, regardless of whether or not they happen to share the same cultural or religious traditions with you. This

doesn’t mean the person will believe it – it just means they could without changing their culture or religion. For example, an argument which depends on how much you

love Jesus will mean absolutely nothing to a Muslim or a Hindu or an atheist – so if that’s the only reason you have, it won’t be much of a believable reason.

I will score them as follows:

Introduction: The essay has a clear introduction which identifies the topic to be discussed and clearly states the position to be taken. (10 points)
Content: The essay clearly explains the content of the position, including what the position is, how it relates to the topic, and identifies, with a properly cited

quote, at least one selection from that week which is relevant to your position. (50 points)
Reasons: The essay has clear and relevant reasons to support the position taken. These reasons are as free as possible from religious or cultural biases. The reasons

should be believable. (30 points)
Style: The essay is written at a stylistic level appropriate for a college course. This means that it makes proper use of spelling, grammar, word choice, etc. Previous

stylistic comments are followed. Quotes are properly cited. (10 points)
I would read upon The buddha: “the four noble truths”, plato: “the apology”, Aristole: “nicomachean ethics”, and wolf: “meaning in life” in order to complete this



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