How forensic science is or is not better than traditional methods

For your CORE assessment, provide an essay of not less than four pages or 1000 words in length (excluding the cover sheet, title sheet, Abstract and References pages) which addresses the issues below. The essay should be typed, written in APA format to include in-text source citations and use a minimum of four sources of material from outside the class. These papers are due by the last day of Unit 7.
Criminalistics and forensic science has grown both in scope and importance to the criminal justice system. There is no question that it compliments and aids in traditional investigations. However, as it has become more advanced and technical, has it come to have more importance than the traditional methods of investigating such as questioning eyewitnesses, interrogating suspects and determining information from street informants? In your answer, specifically, address the following issues:
Explain how the use of forensic investigative techniques enables both prosecutors and defense attorneys to recognize and develop evidence in the prosecution of criminal cases and in the defense of the accused.
Discuss how forensic science is or is not better than these traditional methods and why.
Discuss whether courts and juries now place more trust in forensic science than other forms of information.
Provide your arguments that juries should or should not place more emphasis and trust in forensic science and your reasons for the argument.

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