How Electronic Usage Affecta Family Time

How Electronic Usage Affecta Family Time

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SSC 420: Senior Project Description

This assignment is an opportunity for students to; a) demonstrate their skill level with respect to conducting research; and b) to identify a useful research question in a topic area associated with a particular social science discipline or profession.

In the first part of the course student develop a written Project Plan. The Plan is organized around a small number of well-articulated focal research questions or hypotheses. By the end of Week Seven it is strongly recommended that each student have a Plan and consult individually with the instructor to consider research design issues, ethical issues and to identify the needed limitations of the study.

The Senior Project Reports include at least the following sections; i) introduction; ii) research design and methods; iii) literature review and data analysis; and iv) discussion and conclusions. The Report must be at least 12 pages demonstrating the student’s knowledge of the topic and of research methods. The review will show; i) that the student has the necessary information literacy skills to complete useful studies; ii) that she/he can write clearly and is well versed in the use of APA style; iii) that she can find and evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data; and iv) that she can show an understanding of social science theories and critique research information using well established critical thinking skills.

Project Outline

I. In the Introduction to this report the student must take care to identify the purpose of the study, focal questions, the intended audience and the sequence of the report. The paper should briefly include some reflection on the (5) core elements. The first three of these are:

1. A brief reflection on the history of the selected social science discipline.

2. A selection of the discipline’s principle theories and the research methods used to support the theories;

3. An explanation that carefully explains how this study is could be a useful learning experience related to the student’s vision of their life or career in 5 years.

II. In the “Research Design and Methods” section, the student will propose, in brief, an original piece of research based on the focal questions. This design would demonstrate the student’s knowledge of types of research and select one that best suits the purpose described above. Reflections on the limitations of the design are also recommended to demonstrate the student’s ability to think critically about the study.

In the Literature Review and Data Analysis section, the student will critique a small number of carefully chosen primary research articles that contain research data. The student can use original data or extract data from creditable online sources either in addition to or as an alternative to critiquing data from primary sources. As few as three well selected, scholarly articles are sufficient.

In the Discussion and Conclusions, the student must take care to return to her Project questions and show that she can identify the limitations of the research as well as it’s value. Students should also include recommendations for future studies and they are encouraged but not required; 1) to be mindful of the course goals specific to demonstrating social science knowledge; and 2) to incorporate more than text sources of information. The Project paper’s conclusion should include some reflection on the (5) Project core elements. The first three core elements are listed above. The last two are:

1. Incorporate knowledge of at least one specific occupation in the discipline and the expertise a person would need in order to succeed in that occupation.

2. A references section containing about ten references from scholarly literature that could serve as a foundation for the study.

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