How do the interests of corporations conflict with the public’s interest?

How do the interests of corporations conflict with the public’s interest?

For some, faith in the free-market’s ability to make the world a better place is almost like a religious dogma that cannot be called into question; in the minds of many, it is an axiom, a posit, a foundation upon which an entire worldview is constructed. However, events and realities that challenge the myth of the free market abound. The self-interest of powerful, private entities often comes into conflict with the self-interest of the general public. As corporations globalize and consolidate, these conflicts are taking on new dimensions, and unfortunately for us, there seems to be an increase in the private sector’s ability to trump the public good.

show how the public’s interest and for-profit corporations interests can conflict. My essay should develop one of these themes with at least one outside source. My source should be used to supplement the information in “The Corporation” by providing additional information and examples.

One of the sources needs to be “The Corporation”: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power; the other source can be a book, credible website, article from a journal, magazine, newspaper, etc. I would like more then two sources. The other sources can be about anything else. The first two have to be what I provided you with up above.

It’s on a book called “the Corporation” by Joel Bakan. I provided you the link below for the book:

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