How do financial crises impact bank failures?

How do financial crises impact bank failures?

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Just do the first part of my term paper this time, which is call the assignment #1 in my attached file.
Be sure to follow the requirements of the assignment #1. Answer every question in the instruction.
“Why this is an important topic for research” is the most important part in this paper.

Capstone: Master’s Project

Research Paper: Applying Economic Theory and Analysis to Real-World Issues of Importance

One major term paper (prepared in five parts) is required; the term paper is to be constructed in the form of a research proposal with follow-on analysis and presentation of findings. The first part should be two to three pages, typed and double-spaced. It will identify and describe an issue of importance: included in this description is the economic theory composing the issue. The second part (the annotated bibliography/literature review) should present and discuss the important concepts from five to seven sources (from scholarly journals) and how they can be applied to your issue of importance. The third part should be five to seven pages and present a well-defined research question with a clearly defined methodological approach; data sources and necessary empirical approaches should be presented and discussed. The fourth part should pull together the first three parts as well as empirical results into a complete and well-constructed applied economic analysis. The fifth and last part includes the preparation of an Executive Summary to be used as part of an articulated Implementation Plan.

This time I only need to do the first part of my term paper. Follow the instructions below. (My research topic is about the bank failure and financial crises)

Term Paper Assignment #1
Introduction: Identifying and Justifying a Research Topic
The goals of this assignment are the selection of a research topic/question for follow-on study and justification of the importance of the study. The assignment should be completed according to the following steps.
Step #1(My research question is “How do financial crises impact bank failures?”)
State the research problem/question. What is the intent of the proposed research? The research question should be formulated with a “how” or “why” question. For example: 1) How do immigrants assimilate into the labor market? Or, 2) How does increased traffic law enforcement decrease fatalities?
Step #2 (Why is important? Number of bank failures, change in rate, impact of failures, etc.)
In three or four double-spaced paragraphs, justify why this is an important topic for research. Envision submitting the idea to a government agency or corporate client for funding. Address the following questions: 1) Why is research necessary on this topic? 2) How will it help policymakers develop good policies or change existing policies? 3) How will it contribute to the growth of scientific knowledge?
Step #3 (The goal of my study is to define what bank failure is, how financial crises impact bank failure, and how to prevent bank failure and financial crises. You can write this in your own words.)
Write one or two paragraphs describing exactly the goal of the study (What does it to do?). State the research problem from Step #1 at the beginning of the first paragraph. And then clearly state the study objectives.
Step #4
Combine the results of Steps #2 and #3 into a paper format. Join the paragraphs together into a single cogent narrative (“flow like in a paper.”)
Deliverable (What should you hand in)
Submit #4. Please type your assignment in 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman) and Double-space text. If you use any statistics or other references, please cite the material (see the format below).
Examples of Bibliographic Citations
1) Journal Article/Newspaper Article

Bruning, Edward R. 1989. “The Relationship Between Profitability and Safety Performance in Trucking Firms.” Transportation Journal. 28(3):40-49.

Choi, Seungmook, Don Hardigree and Paul D. Thistle. 2002. “The Property/Liability Insurance Cycle: A Comparison of Alternative Models.” Southern Economic Journal. 68(3):530-548.

2) Book
Breyer, Stephen. 1993. Breaking the Vicious Circle: Toward Effective Risk Regulation. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

3) Chapter in a book
Arrow, Kenneth J., Maureen L. Cropper, George C. Eads, et al. 2002. “Is there a Role for Benefit-Cost Analysis in Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulation.” Pp. 153-158 in Lawrence O. Gostin, Public Health Law and Ethics: A Reader. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

Savage, Ian. 1999. “The Economics of Commercial Transportation Safety.” Pp. 531-562 in Essays in Transportation Economics and Policy. Editors: Jose Gomez-Ibanez, William B. Tye, and Clifford Winston. Washington D.C.: Brookings Institution Press.

Examples of Citations within a Paper
1) Savage (1999) argues that the socially optimal number of commercial vehicle crashes will exceed the minimum number that is technically feasible.

2) The socially optimal number of commercial vehicle crashes will exceed the minimum number that is technically feasible (Savage 1999).

3) “Risk-related matters that enter the forum of public debate may have to pass political as well as technical tests for safety.” (Breyer 1993:55)

4) According to Breyer (1993:55), “risk-related matters that enter the forum of public debate may have to pass political as well as technical tests for safety.”

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