How Dave Changes

How Dave Changes

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write it where it can’t be searched the school is extremely strict.  write how Dave changes. Thank you! Below is what I need to have! When finish quoting just put the number page ( ) in the brackets! The essay must be more than 4 pages. The essay should be about how does Dave change throughout the story and must contain all influences. Such as Marth gave Dave a kiss. How he had a set of mind where he thought its too late to change a profession. How he was sticking to being a bouncer cause he’s good at it. How Dave watches the audience react the painting and starts reflecting on himself. How he would help people destroy the painting. How he would judge people right away and not interacting with them. And etc how dave changes in the end. The paper must contain 6 quotes and needs to be informed what page you got it from. Also needs a strong thesis and intro, strong bodies and strong conclusion. One more thing! Please don’t write super hard words such as boughs bend or fleck or russet showing clear and etc. T

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