“Home, Sweet Bungalow Home (3-7)



“Home, Sweet Bungalow Home (3-7)


(1) When the author, who is also a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, asked his students to design a small house, what was their response?

(2) According to the author, what are some of the virtues of a small house?

(3) When the author was a student, he admired the houses designed by Le Corbusier and Alvar Aalto. What did he find attractive about their architecture?

(4) What did the author like about the houses of the American architect, Louis Kahn?

(5) The author also admires Frank Lloyd Wright, whom he refers to as an “illustrious architect.” Why does he admire Wright?

(6) Rybczynski writes, “The architectural profession was never interested in the problem of the little house…” What is his explanation for this oversight?

(7) On page seven, read the entire last paragraph of this chapter. The last sentence reads, “Finding an equally successful solution to the current problem of American
family home will not prove easy.”
Why will it not be easy? Your answer should be at least 150 words.


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