Home Care Application

As the Director of Human Resources within a home care environment, you are responsible for the
administration of the organization’s labor budgets. Your Director of Clinical Services, who has a MSN, has
presented some challenges regarding the compensation of her staff.
This specific assisted nursing facility focuses on long-term care, providing approximately 500 nursing
and support personnel (83 RN’s and 417 Caregivers/CNA’s) who deliver direct and indirect care to
approximately 225 patients representing various stages of acuity and need for nursing care. Your
overall labor budget represents approximately 60% of expense revenue.
The Director of Clinical Service complains that several of her registered nurses are threatening to leave
the organization, allegedly because a competitor nearby pays their nurses higher wages. In fact, Director of
Clinical Service asks for an across-the-board immediate pay adjustment of an additional $5.00 an
hour for the nurses. She is awaiting a response from you before the day is over

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