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We have conquered much in controlling our environment, while at the same time becoming more vulnerable to the weaknesses of a technological society. There is an entire list of various disasters that could reduce our civilization to a pre-industrial society:

Solar Flares, asteroid impacts Super Bugs: Plagues, post antibiotic world
Wild Economic Fluctuations: global economy, collapse of American dollar, Chaos Pollution of all sorts: Air, Water, Soil
Changing Climates: Rainfall Patterns, Water Shortages/Droughts, extreme weather Petroleum Extinction
Decline of Agriculture: Phosphorus shortage, Aquaculture, Genetic Modification of Foods Public Health Problems: Related to issue on the left
Quality of Life: In general, high density living, noise, pollution, population control and many more…

Even with all these problems, there is hope, we are not doomed to failure. If we can use those qualities which have made us successful in solving these (and other) problems, then there is hope.

For this discussion board:

•Reflect on these issues and offer your vision on how to successfully navigate the 21st century.
•Reflect on the intellectual journey you have taken over this semester and share your thoughts with your classmates.
?What would you tell your generation or the next generation on how to successfully navigate the 21st century?
?What would you suggest in the integration of science and society?
?How does what we know and can manipulate, fit within the ethics and politics of our time?

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