History Question2

History Question2

1.     Formatting instructions (also used for all essays submitted in course):
A. Typed, double-spaced, using 12 font.
B. Use the Chicago Manual of Style for documentation (see guide from http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html).

2.     General expectations for essays
A.   Clear and explicit thesis statement (tells your readers WHAT the main point of the essay is)
B.    Explains reason for each major claim (WHY? HOW does that work?)
C.    Provide evidence to support major claims (examples, materials from course readings). Please be specific, like which chapter from the Analects.
D.   Do not summarize class notes
E.    Avoid slang, popular clichés, and sarcasm.
F.    Get right to the point and then back it up for serious academic work and primary source materials. Don’t waste space being artistic.

3.     Guide to success
After you finish a draft, read your essay over and ask yourself the following questions. Then edit your essay to address these issues before you submit it.
A.   Does the paper have a clear thesis?
B.    Have I explained the reasoning behind the main points in the essay? Can your readers understand why and how each major point could be valid?
C.    Can I find evidence in the readings to support the claims?
D.   Should I delete superfluous materials that might harm the claims?

4.     Topics and source materials
Please answer theQuestion Sectionbelowin a constructed essay of approximately 1200 words. Please use primary source materials to support your thesis. All supporting source materials should be based on class materials (those are included the “reading” zip files). No external source materials are allowed.Essays which are not substantially based on our course readings are unlikely to earn a passing grade.

Question Section
Please elaborate how different schools of thought during the Eastern Zhou period understood “governance.”

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