History of football

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A Football History in 10 Objects/Images (Re-constructing and curating an argumentative narrative around 10 objects.) A Football History in 10 Objects/Images The second option is to “curate” – or rather construct a draft proposal for a “curation” – a small special exhibit or photo essay that tells a story related to football by using objects/illustrations. To do so, position your objects/images in an order to provide your curation with a structure. Briefly describe what each object/image is, as if they had “tags”. Write a brief explanation “blurb” that brings the objects/images together into a narrative. Remember: • Choose wisely: Think of how exhibits at museums use objects to tell us stories. The objects do not – or should not – simply add illustrations to a story that is already written. Rather, the objects/images drives what is written: The objects dictate what story can be told. • Describe: Make sure you say what the object/image is. By as descriptive as you possibly can in as few words as you can. • Explain: Make sure your explanatory blurb is succinct. Remember that you do not have many words to play with. Your explanation should help viewers see a logic or structure behind the items you chose to put on display. Your grade will be based on the overall quality of your curation, which we will assess on the following: • Your choice of objects/images • Your description of the objects/images • The written quality of your brief explanation that links the objects/images chosen by framing a historical narrative If you are thinking of choosing the “A Football History in 10 Objects/Images” option, I strongly recommend you have a look at special exhibits in museums and art galleries. One of the benefits of living in the capital region is that it is home to many such museums and art galleries that are not available elsewhere. Take advantage of the opportunity they present. Unfortunately, Canada’s Soccer Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Vaughn, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum is in Hamilton, and the National Football Museum is in Manchester. But, it may be worth having a look at the latter’s “A History of the World Cup in 24 Objects” as an example. See their online exhibit at: https://nationalfootballmuseum.culturalspot.org/home The goals of the written assignment are the following: • To conduct a structured research within set parameters (using a pre-determined web-site or historical documents); ! • To develop skills of critical and creative thinking that cross or transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries (such as eras/political regimes and the use of media as non- textual historical sources); and ! • To form and defend a particular original argument in convincing fashion by using the above-mentioned historical practices.

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