AMERICAN STORY (COMBINED VOLUME) Author DIVINE Edition 4TH 11 ISBN 9780205728947.Please Read Chapter 32 and provide answer at each of these questions. -Make sure that you cite when answering the question. -Each question must be answer separetely(Not in essay format)

I) Electoral College
A)The Electoral College system came under heavy criticism in the 2000 election. Is this institution our founding fathers felt necessary now outdated?
B)Should it be dismantled completely?
C)Should it be altered? If so, how?
D)Should it be left as it is?
E)Does it contribute to the fact that we only have two viable presidential parties?

II)Gulf War
A)Why did the US enter this war?
B)What do we learn from the primary sources in the lecture notes?
C)Anyone remember this war and would like to share?

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