For you FIRST discussion post, answer the following questions. Your answer should be 200 words minimum. You must cite and/or quote or paraphrase from the primary sources specifically to support your answers. You will also need to cite and/or quote from the textbook and overviews to support your arguments. The discussion questions are analytical–you need to consider the meaning and significance of the primary sources in order to demonstrate your understanding of how these sources illustrate the cultures/societies being discussed. You may use parenthetical references: i.e. (Confucius, Annalects) or (Aristotle, Politics).

For your two additional posts, you must respond and extend the discussion by commenting on other students’ posts. Examples for how to extend discussion: ask AND answer a question of another student or you might add to the analysis of another student. You will get no credit for a post that simply agrees with another student without offering some additional commentary/analysis.

PLEASE READ the Discussion Activity Grading Rubric posted in the Important Information folder before participating in the discussion activity so that you understand how you will be graded on the discussion.

Discussion Question:

How do Aristotle and Plato’s views of government and society differ? How do the views of Confucius, Laozi, and Han Fei differ? Considering what you know from your textbook, the overviews, and video, what similarities and differences do you find between the Chinese and Greek sources?

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