High Impact Practice Opportunity I (HIP I)

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to demonstrate and/or apply the knowledge learned on a particular topic and/or gain life experiences related to the course topics. Please attend an event or opportunity that involves a topic that we have or will have covered in this course. Following the template provided, please submit 500-750 words on your chosen HIP and the relation to the topic(s) covered in this course. Should references be needed, please use the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th for your references/citations. If you have any supplemental documents (flyers, advertisements, presentation pamphlets, notes), please submit those individually. If you are unable to attend an event or opportunity, you will need to choose a particular topic, have it approved by your instructor, complete relevant online research on your topic, and submit a synopsis.
This is meant to be an opportunity for you to relate something in your life to the materials of the course. Originally, this was to be an in-person, live attended event, but COVID-19 makes this nearly impossible for most of us, so you can choose to watch a podcast/TED talk if needed.
TedMed is a great website to start with if you are struggling. WWW.tedmed.com
High Impact Practice (HIP) Assignments
The response is clearly written and demonstrates a strong understanding of topics related to
the event of activity completed for the HIP. The response must include the following:
• Clearly developed and articulated explanation of HIP event/activity
• Identification and detailed explanation of the relevance of HIP event or activity to
the topic(s) of BIOL 2010 course
• Clear Utilization of research sources (cited using APA) to support explanations
and discussion responses.
• Clear utilization of information from the text and notes to support explanations
and examples.

High Impact Practice (HIP) opportunities should support the topics and concepts we will be covering in this course. The opportunities would preferably be an event or activity that allows you a live, hands-on experience related to the topics of this course. This may not be possible in the current covid 19 environment. That will be taken into consideration. Below are some examples of activities that would qualify:

· Collaborative project/assignment that is team based and related to material in the course – ex. Using Google Docs/Hangouts or other collaborative tool to complete project or training

· Undergraduate research experience

· Diversity/global learning – course/program/seminar that explores cultures, life experiences or worldviews that are different from your own

· Service or community-based learning experiences and the impact these had on you

· Internship/training related to career interest

· Attend an event – such as listening to a speaker or watching live podcast related to material in the course (i.e. watching a LIVE speaker in person on on-line speaking about future of stem cell research)

After attending or completing the HIP event, ask yourself what you learned that contradicted your previous assumptions and what new insight you developed from attending the event. How did the HIP event/training/etc. impact your experience in this course? Preferable these opportunities would be completed in a LIVE setting where you are actively participating. Alternate live (not in person) options are possible as well. ie TED presentations.

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