Seven questions

• What are the strategically relevant factors in the macro-environment?
• How strong are the industry’s competitive forces?
• What factors are driving industry change, and what impacts will they have?
• How are industry rivals positioned in the market?
• What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next?
• What are the industry’s key success factors?
• Is the industry outlook conducive to good profitability?
Regulatory requirement

• What is the regulatory environment under which your organization operates?
• What are the applicable occupational health and safety regulations: accreditation, certification, or registration; industry standards; and environmental, financial and product regulations?
• Frequency of review?
• Responsible office and individual in the organization.

• How do senior leaders set the organization’s vision and value?
• How do senior leaders deploy the organization’s vision and values through the leadership system, to the workforce, to key, suppliers and partners, and to customers, and other stakeholders, as appropriate?
• How do senior leaders’ actions reflect a commitment to the organization’s values?

Promoting legal and ethical behavior

• How do senior leaders’ actions demonstrate their commitment to legal and ethical behavior?
• How do they promote an organizational environment that requires it?
• Describe how senior leaders determine the effectiveness of their actions and the environment they promoted to require legal and ethical behavior?

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