Healthcare reform

Healthcare reform

An Analysis of President Obama?s Health Care Plan

Write an eight to ten (page paper using APA format that provides an analysis of President Obama?s proposed health care reform plan. Include in your analysis the following:
A description of the major features of the proposed health care reform plan, including how the plan will be funded
An objective analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed plan in relation to the following factors:
The degree to which the plan will increase access to health care for various segments of the population
The extent to which the proposed plan will affect cost relative to the consumer, the taxpayer, the insurance companies, government, and other payers
The impact of the plan on the quality of care delivered
Unintended consequences (e.g. health care rationing)
An analysis of the potential response of the three stakeholders listed below. Analysis should address the subgroups within each stakeholder group (examples are given):
Health care providers: subgroups include groups such as physicians, hospitals, HMO?s, etc.
Health care consumers: insured, uninsured
Current health care payers: employers, insurance companies, etc.

Give a  summary of the paper that articulates your position relative to the proposed plan. Explain why you support or oppose the plan.

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